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Learning Python — an Update!

by Nat on September 24th, 2010

I haven’t posted in quite a while–things kind of blew up this week at work and it’s been taking up all my time. I can’t stand it when mundane things get in the way of creative pursuits that I feel could be so much more important in the grand scheme of things. But this eternal lament is the makings of an entirely different post; for now, I’ll try to stay on topic :)

I finished all of the Python goals that I listed in my previous post! Here’s a point-by-point update:

  • I fixed my quiz code so that it allows multiple answers to each question, and also allows you to escape * characters, so you can ask questions that contain the * character without screwing things up. In the process, I commented and cleaned up my code a lot. It’s a lot better now, I think. Please download it and take a look, if you enjoy programming. Even if you don’t program, you can probably understand a lot of it if you’re curious.
  • I solved all of the puzzles on CodingBat. It didn’t take too long. Maybe an hour or two, on a late night. I love the website and wish there were more puzzles there! Being able to program right into a webpage and then check your work immediately is so very satisfying.
  • I’ve been working on a handful of other little projects in Python. Now that I’ve gotten the basics down, I feel like the floodgates are open, so to speak. I made a simple text adventure engine, some code to generate number spirals, and other things. (IF you want to see the code for these, I’d be happy to oblige. Just ask. I’ll need to clean it up a bit before sharing it though :-p)
  • I have a few Python-powered website ideas percolating currently; I plan to write more about them here once they’ve been fleshed out a bit more in my mind. Once I have a web interface for the things I make, they’ll be a lot easier for you guys to appreciate–I’ll just be able to link them and then you can go and use them in your browser of choice.

Anyway, new tool successfully acquired! I feel empowered, like I just picked up the speed booster, or the hookshot, or the rope snake. Now, to see where this can take me…!

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  1. Although not as cool as CodingBat, another great resource for programming puzzles is:

    • Nat permalink

      Thanks for the rec, Bryce. I’ve actually stumbled across Programming Praxis before and done a few of their puzzles, though I lost interest in the site for a while. Now that I have a new language in my toolkit and am taking a look at the site, some of their recent “puzzles” (they’re really more like assignments, in my opinion) sound pretty darn cool! I may just have to solve on some of them :)

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